Wooden Spinner Top Combo


  • Wooden Spinner Top Combo
  • Wooden Spinner Top Combo

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It's the classic fidget spinner!! Includes one large and one small wooden spinner top. Colorfully handcrafted with sustainable wood, this is a classic. So much fun and timeless appeal for young and adults alike. 

Who knew so much enjoyment could be derived from such a simple fun top! You will love spinning these classic hand crafted wooden tops and seeing who can spin the longest - such fun!

  • These beautiful tops are hand made one a time so each is one of a kind
  • Size: 1 ¾” in diameter & 1 ½” tall (Large) and 1 ½" in diameter & 1" tall
  • Materials: Made from a variety of hardwoods
  • Sold one large and one small combo
  • Recommended for ages 3+

10% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to our partners. Each purchase supports organizations that work to get street children ‘off the street and on their feet’, and fund programs for women’s self-sustenance; together we LEAD THE WAY.

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