Zebra on wheels


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It's a zebra. Or that's what we are calling it. It rolls. It brings with it loads of fun. Little one will enjoy this zebra wooden play thing, particularly fun is the ball in the middle that rolls and turns as you wheel it. How cute and adorable and fun that is! This handmade zebra on wheels is made with lovely sustainable wood, and handcrafted with care and colored with all-natural plant-based lacquer. Also, this makes for a wonderful gift!

  • Made with wood
  • All wooden lacquered products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. 
  • Avoid blows against hard surfaces.
  • Please do not wash them with water.
  • Wood can react variedly to atmospheric changes which is beyond manufacturing control. 

10% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to our partners. Each purchase supports organizations that work to get street children ‘off the street and on their feet’, and fund programs for women’s self-sustenance; together we LEAD THE WAY.

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